Design Drills

A growing selection of short design challenges, writings, and reflections I have worked on in an effort to continually improve my knowledge and skills

Keep it simple, silly

An examination of design and the framing effect
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Design Challenge: Reduce Spillage from Pots and Pans

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Designing Your Design Process

A UX meetup reflection
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Mission Critical Systems

A UX meetup reflection
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Here's a bit about me

Why work with me?

My ability to create a fun work environment is unparalleled...

and so is my curiosity to explore problems in new and unfamiliar domains

Why do I design?

I love the challenge of experimenting with novel ideas and technology...

to create humanistic experiences that are feasible to execute

What I love

I focus on living in the moment. Some ways I do that are....

Watching The Office

Enjoying cricket and the NBA

Eating great Indian food

Traveling the world!

Going for a run

An artifact from my journey to Mount Doom

Where I have been

Sept 2020 - Present  
Masters Human-Computer Interaction student at Carnegie Mellon University (2021)

May 2020 - Sept 2020
UX Designer @ Electriphi

Aug 2019- Dec 2019
Product Intern @ Electriphi

Aug 2019- Nov 2020 (part-time)
UX Design Apprentice @ iLaunch Labs

Jan 2019 - Feb 2019
UX Design Intern @ Rubik Analytics

July 2018 - Aug 2018
Software Intern @ ChargePoint

Aug 2016 - May 2020
Colby College (B.A. HCI - Independent Studies)

The most important things to know about me

I love making jokes

I am a HUGE cricket fan

I have spent half of my life as a competitive runner

I strongly believe The Office is the greatest tv show of all time

My biggest passion (after HCI) is traveling the world