Design Challenge

The Topic

Problem: Pots and Pans flanges are not enough to avoid liquid spillage.
Challenge: Design a liquid pouring extension that fits any kind of pot/pan and it should avoid spillage.
Time: 30 minutes


In order to tackle this challenge, the first thing I did was to just start drawing pots and use my prototypical understanding to guide me. I tried to think of different kinds of pots (with and without flanges) and take note of some of the common issues I have when pouring liquids. I took this a step further and actually went into my kitchen, filled a pan, with a flange, with water, and examined how the water poured out based on the tilt applied to the pan. This short exercise was very informative because it showed me that the flange would need to be fairly sturdy based on the liquid density and provide spillage preventing no matter how many degrees the pan is tilted. After listing out device characteristics, I sketched out a potential solution. My solution was to create a detachable flange using rubber which would provide flexibility for use with different sizes of pans. I also included two magnets in the part that attaches to the pan to ensure that it stays locked, a splash guard on the sides, and, using the information from my exercise, made it wide enough to prevent spillage. The materials I proposed would also allow for easy storage. Some of the drawbacks/areas of concern for my initial idea would be the cost to create it and whether or not it would actually work in the field which would require actual testing of the device.

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