UX Meetup: Designing your Design Process

The Topic

The speaker of this talk was Shreya Rajani Mody the lead product designer at Clumio Inc. Her talk focused on how to take the general user experience design process and personalize it for the specific needs and constraints of different projects.


"If you want to be a good designer you should have your own process"

I found this talk particularly interesting since I am currently in a phase where I am trying to develop my own process. I was particularly intrigued by this topic because everyone I have come across has a slightly different way they go about user experience design and some tend to focus on certain parts of the process more than others.

An interesting analogy that Shreya brought up in her talk was to think about your design process as a route from point A to point B. There are potentially many different ways you can travel from A to B, but each route has some benefits and drawbacks. One route may be more scenic and have more food options, but another may be faster and and have more gas stations along the way. Which route is better is not objective but dependent on what your preferences are for the journey. The same applies to different processes for different UX projects. One project may require more initial research while another may require more time to prototype and test. Therefore, having a flexible process that can adapt to a variety of scenarios is really beneficial.

Another really interesting thing she brought up was taking shortcuts in the design process. Sometimes in the process it is okay to not go through every step if it isn't necessary for the requirements of the project. Her guiding principle for this was that you can skip steps along the design process as long as you don't get lost. By this she meant that you need to have a concrete reason for skipping a particular step that brings some additional significant value to the project (such as saving time).

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